Canadian Medical Protective Association – Council Chambers

Canadian Medical Protective Association Mission is to protect the professional integrity of physicians and to contribute to a high quality health care system by promoting safer medical care in Canada.


One of their existing facilities we inherited was their Council Chamber. It was not meeting their needs, plus several new expectations of the room had become operational requirements. Their multi-mic audio system no longer provided the flexibility or functionality they now required. In tandem, the evolution to high definition video and high resolution graphics had become a necessity. Much of their content may also be medical in nature, and as such the quality has to be there!

Existing infrastructure simply could not support the new demands of this facility.

IAV Provided Solution:

The life expectancy of the system was defined as 5 years to 7 years. As the marketplace is migrating from analog to digital, and mostly to a 720p resolution, it was decided that within the life expectancy outlined above we as an industry would likely still be supporting 1080p video resolutions as well as WUXGA (1920×1200 pixels) graphics resolution. Therefore that became our design criteria for infrastructure.

The conference audio system needed to add considerable operational capabilities. The client now wanted to be able to view on various large displays the delegate que and manipulate it dynamically, plus add a mimic panel and several other operational features. Audio from this delegate system also had to contribute to in-room audio as well as to audio or video conference calls. Simultaneous Interpretation for two languages also needed to be supported.

We specified, supplied and installed the latest generation of DIS delegate conference audio system along with associated software suites. Required functionality was met and in fact exceeded. Audio quality improved, control of delegate access and manipulation of their position within the que was enabled. Display of the que was also enabled and can even be customized.

In room projection and projection screen were upgraded to a native WUXGA (1920 x 1200) high brightness projector, making it possible to display all current and anticipated aspect ratio’s be they 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10 from video or computer based sources. Additional high resolution displays were implemented to support the very important medical imagery which might be involved. In fact the high resolution projector also meets DICOM medical imaging specifications.

Switching and scaling infrastructure was all analog. Digital is here so it had to be accommodated. Today’s digital technologies also need to manage the EDID resolution information and HDCP content protection communications. This is a little more convoluted. In this room there are several display technologies deploying different resolutions in addition to the high resolution ceiling mounted projector. The architecture was designed and implemented using Extron switching and distribution equipment. The Extron solution enabled us to deploy a “hybrid” approach which maintained compatibility with existing analog equipment while simultaneously providing a digital foundation for current and future anticipated formats. Today this solution can handle all analog and digital format signals.

Lifesize high definition video conferencing was added to the system along with ability to share local content into the videoconference activities. Audio conferencing is also a capability of this room.

All of this is controlled by a dedicated operator who runs the meetings with a “command center” like workstation. At their fingertips are the delegate audio mimic touch panel as well as the suite of DIS control software for display and manipulation of the delegate que, etc. Infront of this person is a large touch sensitive Cybertouch monitor connected to a Crestron control system. There is a high level of control at this person’s fingertips. This is a beautiful room.

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