Canadian Medical Protective Association – Video Conference Rooms

Unique Solution for unique applications.  Now everyone can see content easily and in any lighting condition; hear everything clearly and comfortably be it presentation content, audio or video conferencing, and be seen and heard clearly at far-end of conference calls. All at the touch of a button!


IAV was recommended to the client by a manufacturer as a solution provider.

We met with them, listened to their concerns, defined what it was they wanted to achieve by having these AV systems, and how their existing systems were under-performing. Issues included poor projected image clarity, especially when windows were open and it was bright outside; when projection was being done it blocked the view of others around the table impeding face to face communications; poor audio reproduction and many people around a large oval table could not be heard while talking, also impeding effective communications; poor audio conferencing quality; overall system reliability plus they needed to add videoconferencing to the room.

Since they were intending to add videoconferencing, they also needed to ensure it would be “high definition”. Further that within the VC they could send multiple forms to content simultaneously as a presentation within the videoconference call.

IAV Provided Solution:

We spent considerable time evaluating and figuring out how best to address all the various issues. It was difficult until we broke out of the traditional ways of thinking. Our approach broke down the individual operational aspects, in-room audio reproduction, audio & video conferencing, and then content display. The final result proved to be unique yet highly functional.

End result installed addressed ALL issues the client had :   improved image quality, improved in-room audio and stability for local meetings as well as audio and video conferencing, plus simple system operations.  Now everyone can see each other, communicate with each other in-room as well as with remote called sites, and do so in “high definition” and do so at the touch of a button.

System was made easy to use by deploying an AV remote control system which automates functionality.  Now everyone can see content easily under all lighting conditions, clearly hear audio anywhere within the room, and clearly be heard by all and the room looks GREAT !!

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